5 Food Bloggers You Need to Follow

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In many ways, foodies are one of the major beneficiaries of the digital age. It’s never been easier to stake out new restaurants, purchase exotic ingredients, or find cooking inspiration than it is today.

Food bloggers play an important role in developing the palate of the online world. They offer up exciting new tastes, publishing recipes that range from cutting edge and innovative, to family classics handed down through generations.

There’s no shortage of food blogs to choose from, but which are really worth your time? Here are five of the very best food bloggers the internet has to offer, that are well worth the click to subscribe.


Serious Eats

One of the biggest food blogs on the internet, Serious Eats was started by noted food critic Ed Levine when food blogs were still a novelty, and in 2008 was ranked #17 on Time magazine’s list of the 50 best websites on the internet.

Still an online powerhouse, Serious Eats’ goal is to be the world’s most trusted authority on deliciousness. It seems to be doing this with aplomb, with tabs devoted to recipes, techniques, location guides and feature articles covering the full gamut of any foodie’s online needs. No matter what you’re looking for, Serious Eats is sure to have something in their extensive archive for you.

Skinny Taste

Gina Homolka is an author, photographer and passionate cook. If you can come up with a more dreamy combination of skills for a food blogger to have, then you’re doing better than I. She channeled these talents into the formation of Skinny Taste in 2008, and hasn’t looked back since.

Skinny Taste does what it says on the packet, providing healthy, low-fat family recipes multiple times a week. Every recipe she posts must fill the minimum requirements of being both “skinny” and “tasty”, with plenty of seasonal, whole foods featured. Skinny Taste features an incredibly handy recipe key, which allows readers to instantly see if the dish is vegetarian, freezer friendly, low carb, or able to be cooked in under 30 minutes.


Budget Bytes

For thrifty foodies, Budget Bites is an absolute godsend. Its founder, Beth, readily admits to being both a food lover and relatively broke. She points out, though, that being short of cash needn’t have you eating ramen noodles every meal. Quality food can be cooked on a budget – it’s just a matter of know-how.

Every recipe that Beth posts comes with a comprehensive cost analysis (featuring both a total cost for the recipe and a cost per serving), as well as information on prep time, and a full instructional with pictures. If you’re in the “fast food is cheaper than cooked food” camp, Beth has got news for you.

Picky Palate

Do you have a few fussy eaters in your life? Can mealtime be a matter of serving up three different dishes to your family? Picky Palate’s creator, Jenny, knows your pain. A mother to three often fussy boys, she was inspired to create the site after running into that exact problems as the kids went through their toddler years.

As her kids have grown, her site has grown, and now Picky Palate is one of the most visited food blogs on the internet. Original, genuine, family-style recipes are the order of the day, so no matter what your fusspot’s aversion, you’ll be sure to find something in Jenny’s archive that they’ll happily chew.


Buns in My Oven

Baked goods are more than a few people’s guilty pleasure, and Karly, a part-time photographer and full time mum, knows that there’s nothing quite so photogenic as a freshly glazed donut. While Buns in My Oven began as more of a food photography blog than a recipe blog, over the years Karly’s cooking talent and confidence has grown, and the site now boasts some of the most innovative and delicious baking recipes on the internet.

With an incredible back catalog of recipes available to browse, Buns in My Oven is a must-see for anyone who enjoys baked delights.

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