Why is Pinterest so Popular?

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Pinterest has been around for a number of years now and businesses are discovering ways to leverage its power. Businesses with a female audience target the main user groups in Pinterest, but that love has spread into crafts and a DIY focus. What makes Pinterest so popular and powerful?

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Why is Pinterest so Popular?

Most people learn how to write in school but fewer people can write well or want to write well long enough to sustain a blog. Photos are much easier by comparison, and they hold the attention much better than text. While a Facebook post may last for about 90 minutes before it’s gone, a Pinterest pin can last for months before it loses power. Yes, I said months!

Another advantage to Pinterest is that it’s great for new businesses with a visual focus and a busy schedule. The most popular time for Pinterest pins is Saturday morning, compared to Facebook’s 6 AM to 8 AM. Who has time for that without a dedicated social media helper? A few quick snapshots and a Pinterest scheduler and you can take care of your social media exposure fast.

How to Triumph on Pinterest

If you’re new to Pinterest, start with creating a Pinterest for Business account. This gives you access to more detailed analytics and several other features like access to promoted pins. A Pinterest accounts consists of one or more boards with one or more pins on it. A new business should start with at least five boards and plan on pinning at least ten items on them to start.

Photo sizes should be large and preferably portrait. All images should have at least 735 pixels on each side. You can add branding to the photo but don’t clutter it with a lot of text. Save that for the description. The photos that get repinned the most are those with a simple background and a core visual focus. Bright colors work best.

If you have a blog, add your photos to your blog. You can easily link your blog posts photos into Pinterest. That gives you a free link back to your website, and more backlinks for you for anyone who repins your pictures. This can be a great boost for SEO! You should also integrate a repin button into your blog so people can easily share your photos from your website.

All of your board names and your picture descriptions should be designed with keywords in mind that are related to your website. Don’t use hashtags; those are for Twitter! Your picture descriptions should be between 50 and 250 words.

If you enjoy photography, can write a quick description, and have a visual-based business, why not give Pinterest a try for a little while? It’s a great way to get long-term social media exposure.

Article provided by Adficient, a PPC management and SEO service agency.

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