Search Engine Optimization for Newbies

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the buzz phrase among online marketers. You’ve invested your hard earned time and money in a killer website, but now you need to drive traffic. Where do you start? Any marketing coach that is familiar with the online platform will suggest that you need a solid SEO service. But what does that really mean?


Search engine optimization is basically a method to make your website noticeable to search engines. When someone goes to Google and types in a search phrase relevant to your business, you want your website to be the first one that pops up in the results. To achieve that, you have to optimize your website. There are many techniques for SEO, but if you’re a first timer and feeling overwhelmed, you can start with these simple steps.

Use Common Sense Keywords

There’s no need to spend hours and hours looking for high traffic keywords for your industry. Just use common sense. What would your target consumer be searching for when they are looking for your website online? Those phrases are the keywords that you should target in your content.

Be careful not to overuse keywords or it will appear spammy. These phrases need to appear naturally throughout your website or it will be an instant turn off to anyone who visits your website.

Choose Your Website Domain With Care

If you have never given much thought to you domain, it’s time to reconsider. You always want to make sure that your domain includes your primary keyword.  It will be best to have these words near the front of the domain. For instance, if your website offers gourmet cat food, the ideal website domain would be If that’s not available, think about slight variations that still offer keyword integrity. You could use or Get creative and find a domain that suits your niche.

Longer is Not Necessarily Better

As you are creating content for your website, think about what the visitor will experience as they read it. Longer isn’t always best. In fact, you want to capture the reader’s attention and entice them to click through from the main landing page to subpages where they can learn more about your company or purchase your products.

Most individuals are not going to spend a great deal of time looking at the main page.  They simply want to see if you can offer them what they are looking for.  If they cannot find that information quickly, they will move on and search another site.  


Don’t Forget Secondary Keywords

Make sure you use a variety of keyword phrases related to your business when you are creating content and images for your website. Don’t rely on simple, short keywords alone. Think of longer phrases that your customer might search for. Brainstorm a list and then work them in routinely through blog post updates. Take your time and find a sensible way to sprinkle these secondary keywords throughout your website.

Final Word

Search engine optimization isn’t rocket science. Take a common sense approach by offering your website visitors real value. With the right keywords and some careful domain choices, you can climb your way up the search engine ladder and start seeing a big spike in your traffic in the near future.

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