Pinterest 101: How Does Pinterest Work for Business

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WPinterest is a social media platform where users can create virtual pin up boards or inspiration boards. People use Pinterest to gather and share ideas, often informing future purchases. “Pins” can be gathered from all across the web, and users can look through other users’ boards as well.

It is like a prettier, more addictive way of Bookmarking pages of the internet. The page is saved with a pretty picture and a catchy title, and is filed with other similar pins on a “board” that you’ve created. The difference is, most importantly, that these bookmarked pages can be shared across the broader Pinterest community.


How Does it Work?

With your Pinterest account you can create multiple boards (the page where the pins are displayed) for each different idea, topic, or purpose that you have. Other users who like what you are posting can follow your account or just specific boards, much like on other social media platforms.

Users can use tags, just like on Instagram, to find pins relating to a specific topic. Other users can like your pin or “re-pin” it to their own boards. To curate a board users can re-pin things that they find whilst searching Pinterest, or can pin things directly from a webpage.

Websites are able to embed a “pin it” button which allows Pinterest users to pin pictures from the webpage directly onto their board. Every pin contains a link back to the website it originated from. Pinterest is a visual medium, so it is only possible to pin images, but each pin has a title which can be used to describe it and/or the page it came from. For example, there may be a beautiful picture of a picnic table and the title might be “20 ideas for easy picnic lunches” with a link to the website with the 20 recipe ideas.

How Can Pinterest Help My Business?

Pinterest is an excellent way to build a brand image and increase brand awareness due to its visual nature. Through your boards you can demonstrate thought leadership in your field as users turn to your boards for inspiration.

Ultimately, Pinterest drives traffic back to your site. Pinterest delivers more traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. And it is traffic that is likely to lead to more sales.

Pinterest is often used as a “wish list” for people looking to make purchases, and when they’re ready to make those purchases they use their pins to go directly to the site and buy. Pinterest helps your business by streamlining the process between a prospect desiring something and purchasing it. This is what makes Pinterest such a lucrative platform for businesses.


How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Using Pinterest for your business has an offline and an online component.

Offline, it’s simple: make sure that you have the “Pin It” function added to all pictures on your website. This increases the chances of someone pinning your image (and therefore your website) to their Pinterest board. Focusing on using beautiful, original photos for your website also increases your chances of being pinned.

Online, the approach is less exact. The idea for maximum impact on your Pinterest account is similar to that of your other social media accounts – gain more followers, get lots of likes on your pins, get re-pinned, and get your content reaching more fresh eyes. To do this, it’s all about curating visually appealing and helpful boards.

Use boards to showcase your products, give ideas on how to use your products, or construct boards related to your business that share helpful ideas with people. You’re aiming to gain followers and establish yourself as a thought leader with beautiful, shareable, pin-able boards.

Pinterest is a social media site with millions of users worldwide. They’re an active and engaged audience ready and raring to share your pins. Pinterest is used for creating virtual cork boards filled with ideas and inspiration for all manner of things, from home renovations to lifestyle tips, from bespoke Christmas tree ornaments to family holiday destinations. Whatever your niche, there is a market for you on Pinterest. Capture their attention with some aesthetically appealing boards and watch as your sales rise.

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