How You Can Advertise On LinkedIn

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Can you advertise on LinkedIn? Yes! You can, and you should. LinkedIn is a business based social media platform where over 300 million professionals around the world go to network. The platform offers simple advertising options for every budget and every advertising goal.

Whether you’re looking to recruit new employees or expand your business profile, there is a perfect advertising option for you.


Self-Service Ads

Perhaps the simplest method of advertising on LinkedIn, self-service ads allow you to create your own ad, have it featured in prominent places on major pages, and control how long you run your campaign for.

This is perfect for those with a limited budget as payment works on a pay-per-click or –impression basis. Meaning that you are only paying for ads which have actually worked. You can stop the campaign at any time and aren’t locked into a contract.

The best feature of this type of advertising is that you can select precisely who your ad is targeted at. Select by job title or function, seniority, company size and/or industry, to ensure that your message is being seen by the exact audience it was meant for.

Display Advertising

If you’re looking to drive traffic to your site and increase brand awareness, a LinkedIn display advertising campaign is the way to go. This enables you to reach professionals and influential businesses through a variety of ad formats.

Spotlight Ads is a unique function to LinkedIn where the member’s profile is incorporated into the ad. For example, it will have their profile picture under a banner of “Imagine Yourself At This Company.” This format tends to blend in with content, leading to more clicks from people not realizing that they’re ads.

LinkedIn Group Ads delivers personalised messages to specific groups. The beauty of Group Ads is that it carries LinkedIn endorsement and leads to greater social proof for your brand.

Follow and Featured Company Ads are fantastic ways to target professionals and convert them into engaged followers of your brand. The specific features of these ads allow you to create brand awareness and highlight products and jobs on your page. The ad customizes and personalizes to each member who views the ad, resulting in a higher ad engagement rate.

Lead Accelerator

LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator marketing option uses display marketing and social ads across the entire Web as well as just LinkedIn to create brand awareness and engage prospects.

Social Ads uses members of the LinkedIn community to endorse your brand and spread information and updates throughout the network. It’s fantastic for social proof and for getting your name out there.

Sponsored InMail is a way of delivering lots of information about your company directly to the LinkedIn Inbox of specifically targeted members of the community. The messages are personalised to whichever element of the member profile you choose, making them highly effective. This form of marketing boasts an astonishing 20% click through rate – far higher than the industry average.

Sponsored Updates

The Sponsored Updates method of marketing on LinkedIn combines various ad formats to promote your content marketing, attract new followers, and spread news about your company’s updates.

The simplest ad format is the content ad. Choose up to four banners to rotate through a side-bar widget. You can choose a different format for each slide, for example: have your Twitter feed on one, a custom video on another, and a specific ad on the next. They’re a super simple yet effective way to get a lot of information across to your audience.

SlideShare Content Ads are a special LinkedIn tool that allows you to share PowerPoint presentations, articles, or any other number of documents and content, directly to your SlideShare page and LinkedIn. With a SlideShare Content Ad, targeted members are made aware of your best content and led to your site. This is a great way to engage with members looking for professional information.

LinkedIn is the best platform in which to target highly engaged professionals within your industry. Business-to-business marketing has never been simpler or more effective than with LinkedIn’s advertising options. With intuitive tools that allow you to measure the success of your ads and the number of click-throughs and engagements your ad receives, you have control over how you manage your campaign. And you can be sure that your precious marketing budget is being put to good use.


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