How to Start a Business Page On LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the best ways to promote your business to an audience of engaged professionals, regardless of your industry and the size of your company. And there’s no better way than through starting a business page, formally known as a Company Page. A LinkedIn profile and company page can also gain your brand extra credibility and higher search rankings. It’s straightforward, simple, and free – there is nothing to lose but so much to gain for your brand and your career!

Business Page

LinkedIn Setup

How to Create Your Company Page

To create a new company page on LinkedIn you first must have a or create a LinkedIn personal page. From your personal page, follow these steps:

1. Hover your cursor over Interests at the top of the LinkedIn homepage
2. Select Companies
3. The Create A Company box will appear on the right, click Create

You then fill in all the necessary information including the company name, URL, email address, and a description. It won’t take so much of your time.

How to Craft an Effective LinkedIn Company Page

The first step toward promoting your business with your LinkedIn Company Page is through identifying your target audience, customers, and even other companies and careers. Have a look through the profiles and company pages of the people you want to network and are intending to reach to get a feel for who they like and follow. Keep this in mind when building your Company Page if you want it to work and do the job.

Your logo and banner need to be eye-catching and appealing – they are the ‘face’ of your brand and your company which makes this an important part in your page. Remember that the logo will be a 50×50 pixel square. For your banner you could consider a welcoming picture of your workplace, a striking word banner of a campaign line or brand message, or of your product in use.

The company description section on your LinkedIn page should be short and snappy but accurately describe your company, what makes it unique, and what it’s good at. It should maybe even show off your talent as the owner of the company.

Attract Followers to Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your Company Page should be another link in your online marketing chain. On your Company Page, include a link to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other media presence that you have. In turn, link back to your Company Page from all of those platforms.

You can easily add a “follow” button for LinkedIn which you can insert and publish into your web pages. Simplifying the process to just the click of a button means that you can capitalize on even the most fickle of potential followers!

Encourage all of your colleagues and employees and the rest of your team to add the LinkedIn Company Page to their profiles and maybe share the page to their own platforms. Not only are they your biggest advocates, but by being attached to their profile you are reaching exponentially more LinkedIn users and more people can then easily find you. This can also help build a wider reach for you and your members.

Promote Your Business Through Your Company Page

This is where your LinkedIn Company Page really comes into its own and becomes one of your tools. Once you’re ready to get started, you can start sharing relevant updates, articles, images, slideshows, and links, among a number of other things through your Company Page. Your activity on your Company Page should encourage engagement and conversation and establish you as a thought leader in your field. Your posts on your account should be fresh, exciting, and frequent.

Remember though that LinkedIn doesn’t require the same level of activity as other forms of social media. You don’t have to post an image or a video multiple times a day. Kick off with just one update per day so as not to overwhelm and drive away your followers and visitors.

LinkedIn offers an Analytics function to help you post smarter, not harder. Analytics will help you to learn what type of posts your audience responds to most and which days and times are the best to post. You can track follower growth, trends, and post engagement so that you can optimize and refine your content.


Pay To Increase Your Success

With a solid base of good content and careful attention to the Analytics data, you should be able to manage a highly effective Company Page to promote your brand without spending a cent. If, however, you’ve got a bit of cash to splash, you can consider investing in some of LinkedIn’s paid marketing options and service to really boost the influence of your Company Page.

Sponsored Updates allow more people to be exposed to your Company Updates, with the aim to increase brand awareness and generate leads to more location. Similarly, Follow Ads can be used to feature your brand, up followers by advertising your Company Page to professionals in your field who might be interested in your brand.

Ready to Launch

The doors and great opportunities that can be opened by starting a company page on LinkedIn are endless. And with such a quick and easy process and terms to set one Company Page, you’d be crazy not to get on to creating a LinkedIn page now. When it comes to getting known, lead generation, developing professional relationships, showing off your company’s talent, there really is no better way.

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