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Today I reviewed all the information on this page and updated it with the latest prices, images, and features, to make sure that you get access to the latest content. I hope that this will help you make a better purchase decision. If you would like me to add anything to this page please let me know by email. Thanks!

Let’s face it:

It’s freaking hard to get your first few followers on Instagram.

No one wants to follow you if you don’t have followers already.

The smart way to do it is to buy Instagram followers from the UK. But you have to buy them from the right place.

Here’s a list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers in the UK.

Get real UK followers with Growing Social Media.

This one is the 1st on my list because they tick all the boxes. They provide real high-quality followers from the UK and have good customer service. You will get:

  • Real followers from the UK
  • Active followers with English names
  • Refill warranty


Visit their website at growingsocialmedia.com

Get followers from the UK with Buy More Fans.

This is another great company that sells real followers for a good price, and they have fast customer support. It’s definitely one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers in the UK. You will get:

  • UK-targeted followers
  • Real people with English names
  • Refill warranty


Visit their website at buymorefans.co.uk.

Get UK-based followers with The Social Savior

(This is our company)

We sell real active followers that engage with your content, which means that they will like and share your photos too. You will get:

  • UK-based followers
  • Real people with English names
  • Refill warranty


For more info, visit thesocialsavior.com

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Here’s how I compared the best sites to buy Instagram followers UK

For you to get a better understanding of how I came up with my final results for my review, here are more details below about what I was comparing for each site that I bought Instagram followers from.

There are so many factors that come into place when trying to buy Instagram followers from the UK to boost your Instagram profile and your follower count…

The list below is written in order of importance. I prioritized the features at the top of this list during my review as they are the most important when it comes to finding high-quality Instagram followers in the United Kingdom.

Here are the things that I was looking for from all the websites that sell Instagram followers from the UK:

  • Can I buy real followers?
  • Are they UK-based followers?
  • Are they active followers?
  • Do they offer instant delivery?
  • Can I choose my preferred speed of delivery (drip-feed or gradual)?
  • Do they have some kind of warranty?
  • Can they help me boost other social media accounts?
  • How’s their customer support?
  • How fast or how slow do they deliver the followers?
  • Is their service safe for my account?
  • How long have they been in business?

Here are more details below about my findings as I was compiling information to write this review.


Can I buy real followers?

Absolutely. You can buy IG followers in the UK that are real people. These active followers will like your content, leave comments and hopefully convert into paying customers.


Are they UK-based followers?

Yes. All the places that I listed in this blog post sell followers that are real people from the UK.


Are they active followers?

Yes. All these followers that I received are active and update their Instagram profiles regularly. They all have their own followers and also follow many other Instagram users.


Do they offer instant delivery?

During my test, I realised that most good sellers do not offer instant delivery, and that’s a good thing. Waiting a few days after you purchase Instagram followers for your Instagram profile means that you will get real Instagram users following your Instagram page (as opposed to the fake followers that you would get from a merchant that offers a suspiciously fast delivery).


Can I choose my preferred speed of delivery?

Most of the sellers were quite flexible with the speed at which you want to get more followers. I was able to just drop them an email after I bought from their website, to ask them to deliver the followers slower over 2 weeks and they gladly did as per my request.


Do they have some kind of warranty?

Getting UK-based followers is great, but having them stay on your account and never unfollow you is better. All the merchants in this review have 2 types of warranties. they have a refill warranty, which means that if some people unfollow you, they will send you more at no extra charge to increase your number of followers.

They also have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.


Can they help me boost other social media accounts?

Imagine that you have 1 million followers on your Instagram accounts, but only 10 on Twitter or Facebook… that wouldn’t make sense, right? To make sure you have the best social proof and brand image across the board, make sure that you evenly distribute your marketing budget on all social media networks, and that the number of followers on each of them is similar.

Buying followers from the same website for all your accounts on different social networks can help manage things in an easier and quicker way than buying from multiple sellers in the UK. The same concept applies if you wish to buy Instagram followers in Australia.


How’s their customer support after buying Instagram followers?

It’s fast and easy to buy Instagram followers UK, but that’s just the beginning of your marketing journey. After buying followers to boost your social proof, it’s important that you are able to receive good service from their 24/7 customer support team.

Whether you want to get more Instagram users from the same company in the future, or if you have inquiries about their refill warranty in case a few of these active followers decide to unfollow your account, getting great customer service in a timely manner is crucial. It’s also good to know that they don’t share your personal information with anyone.


How fast or how slow do they deliver the followers?

Most of the good sites that deliver high-quality followers take a few days to find organic followers that will improve your brand image and grow your follower count on your Instagram profile.

That’s because genuine followers don’t just appear in 60 seconds like magic… The companies that sell followers need to buy advertisements on various social media platforms to find real Instagram followers that are interested in your products or services to follow you.


Is their price competitive?

In continuation to my previous paragraph above, it makes sense that if you pay a bit more money when you buy your social media followers, you have more chances to receive followers from the UK that will actually engage with your content and maybe even buy your products.

I personally don’t like to buy from cheap places because they sell fake followers. Remember the old saying: “If you buy cheap, you will buy twice”.

It’s better to invest a bit more money into getting real IG followers that don’t come from fake accounts. These real Instagram users will help you with the long-term success of your business.


Is their service safe for my Instagram account?

Yes, it’s safe. After doing a lot of research and purchasing from over 15 websites, I can confirm that buying Instagram followers from the UK is completely safe for your Instagram account.

I bought Instagram followers from both the most expensive and modern-looking sites, and from really ugly sites selling cheap Instagram followers for as little as 99 cents, and nothing bad happened to my account.

Many people think that buying Instagram services can get their accounts suspended or banned, but that’s a total myth. Rest assured that you will never get in trouble if you buy followers to increase your social proof.


How long have they been in business?

Before you purchase followers on Instagram in the United Kingdom, it’s good to do a bit of a background check on the company where you want to buy IG followers from.

Things like: How long have they been in business, did they win any awards, or were they mentioned in local newspapers, what method do they use to increase your number of followers, are all things that help me trust a seller before I buy Instagram followers UK.

I like to know that they won’t share my personal information too, and all the companies were really good at keeping my purchase private and my personal data was not shared or made public ever by their customer support team after I buy followers from them.

Our Top Pick:

Best Overall: Growing Social Media