Best Practices For LinkedIn Ads – Tips, Hints, and Tricks

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When it comes to B2B marketing and exposure to an engaged professional community, there really is no better platform than LinkedIn. Audiences on LinkedIn are active and interested and, on the whole, are willing to be marketed toward. Spending some of your marketing budget to advertising on LinkedIn is worth the investment. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your LinkedIn ads:


LinkedIn Ads vs Sponsored Content

There are various ways to advertise on LinkedIn but the main ones are Ads or Sponsored Content. LinkedIn Ads are your traditional side-bar ads, whereas Sponsored Content works by paying for one of your Company Updates from your Company Page to be displayed on the feeds of targeted users who do not already follow your business.

LinkedIn Ads can be cheaper, but Sponsored Content can be more effective. Ads are on the side of the page and are obviously advertising, Sponsored Content appears in the feed of the user and is discreet. The likelihood of users clicking on the Sponsored Content is higher.

Think About Your Audience

Before you create the update which you will sponsor, think about who your target audience is. If your target audience are CEOs, the ad should look different to one that you would create if your target audience was managers or employees looking for a career change. Keep your target audience in mind and create accordingly.

Keep It Authentic

Everywhere in online marketing this rings true: CONTENT IS KING. LinkedIn themselves state that best practice when creating Company Updates is to keep it “relevant, short, and authentic.” Good content is likely to gain shares, likes, and comments, or perhaps even go viral. Without these qualities it’ll look like spam and will flop.

Make Your Posts Value-Oriented

It’s not about you, it’s about your potential customer. For maximum impact your posts should address a problem or goal of your prospect and how your business can help. LinkedIn says that successful posts usually include advice, education or interesting facts “to help professionals be more productive and successful.”

Watch Your Language

The language that you use in your Company Updates can be very influential. Headlines should be under 60 characters and a question or quote is a good way to hook the reader’s attention. Use “You” to address the reader to really engage them. You only have 160 characters for the body of the Update, so it is essential that you make your call to action clear and concise.

Images Are Essential

It has come from the horse’s mouth: “Sponsored Updates with images or video tend to perform better.” For best practice when creating your LinkedIn ad you’ve got to have some kind of visual component. It’s the simplest way to catch people’s eye.

Try to make it relevant to the text, and avoid stock photos where possible.


Try New Things

One of the joys of LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates is that you can select who you want the ad to target. This can be based on job title or position, or company, age, or location. Don’t slip into the trap of only targeting a select group of people who you think you should be targeting your ads at. Many companies have found that by tweaking the targeted audience they find that they engage far more people than they had expected. Instead of continually running the same campaign with the same ad, it’s worth shaking things up a bit.

Try new messages, try new audience, and see how the ads go. Test these things and measure which ones perform best so that you can inform your future campaigns. By changing up your ads every few days you can reach new people whom the previous campaigns missed.

Don’t Be Too Stingy

If activity on your ads seems low, it is likely that your bids are too low. Try to increase your bid so that your ad will actually see the light of day and get some exposure.

So there you have it! Creating an impactful and successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn is simple if you follow these tips and tricks for best practice.

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